Kelita talks about "Everyone Has a Story"

Kelita – Episode 307

Kelita talks about country music, trauma, suicide, resilience, and the importance of story telling, listening and how we can break the “cycle”.
Heather White talks about her film "Complicit", Chinese sweatshops and the complicity of brands in human rights violations

Heather White – Episode 306

Heather talks about greed, activism and sweatshops and her new film Complicit and why consumers have so much power when it comes to making a difference.
Blackout Media principals talk about storytelling and moving from a 2D to a 3D way of storytelling

Blackout Media – Episode 305

Members of Blackout Media join me to talk about the Digital Prism event and bringing together music, virtual reality and film - and how film can absolutely change the world
Vaden Earle talks with me about social justice

Vaden Earle – Episode 304

Vaden Earle talks about human rights, statelessness, change, immigration policy and the current state of affairs in Canada.
Josh Freed joins me to talking about The Taming of the Queue

Josh Freed – Episode 303

Josh Freed talks about “line regret”, “queue science”, cars as “me” vehicles, occupied time and why Brits like to talk to strangers.
zaradasht ahmed talks in this interview about the Iraq War and his film "Nowhere to Hide"

Zaradasht Ahmed – Episode 302

Zaradasht Ahmed talks about his film “Nowhere to Hide”, the Iraq War and the Triangle of Death, compassion and humanizing the victims of the ongoing conflict.
Nathan Fitch talks about his film Island Soldier

Nathan Fitch – Episode 301

Island Soldier is a new documentary about Micronesian citizens serving in the US Armed Forces. Nathan Fitch talks about family, community and justice.
George Strombo on Face2Face

George Stroumboulopoulos – Episode 300

"Strombo" talks about love, gratitude, celebrity and rebellion and influence, “earned fear”, how you can be angry for good reasons, U2 and why poverty is so not necessary.
In this interview, Steve James talks about his film "Abacus: Too Small to Jail"

Steve James – Episode 299

Steve and Face2Face host David Peck talk about his new film Abacus: Small Enough to Jail, injustice, the 2008 financial crisis, speaking truth to power and closing the equity gap.