Cocaine Prison - Violeta Ayala talks about San Sebastian in Bolivia

Violeta Ayala – Episode 312

Violeta and Face2Face host David Peck talk about Cocaine Prison, freedom, power and politics, the “War on Drugs” and indigenous history and truth.
Erika Cohn talks about "The Judge" and TIFF 2017

Erika Cohn – Episode 311

Erika and Face2Face host David Peck talk about Shari’a law, gender justice, and life for women in the Middle East, education, power, politics and storytelling.
Peter Gajdics talks about trauma, recovery, conversion therapy and his book "Inheritance of Hope"

Peter Gajdics – Episode 310

Peter Gajdics talks about "The Inheritance of Shame", dealing with trauma, surviving conversion therapy and how remembering helps in his recovery.
tanya cothran

Tanya Cothran – Episode 309

Tanya and Face2Face host David Peck talk about mutual trust, Smart Risks, peace-building, mattresses, innovation and a grassroots manifesto for change.
Kelita talks about "Everyone Has a Story"

Kelita – Episode 307

Kelita talks about country music, trauma, suicide, resilience, and the importance of story telling, listening and how we can break the “cycle”.
Heather White talks about her film "Complicit", Chinese sweatshops and the complicity of brands in human rights violations

Heather White – Episode 306

Heather talks about greed, activism and sweatshops and her new film Complicit and why consumers have so much power when it comes to making a difference.
Blackout Media principals talk about storytelling and moving from a 2D to a 3D way of storytelling

Blackout Media – Episode 305

Members of Blackout Media join me to talk about the Digital Prism event and bringing together music, virtual reality and film - and how film can absolutely change the world