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Canadian Keynote Speaker David Peck, perusing a stack of books on leadership and entrepreneurshipI’m really fond of acorns. Nature has provided us with this incredible symbol of profound potential emerging out of the smallest and plainest of things. From this seed, an oak tree slowly grows.

I’m also passionate about social change. In my travels around the world and through my work with a wide variety of NGO’s and non-profits, I have seen again and again that real change is, yes, usually incremental, but also desirable and very doable.

And I love to talk to others about it – and that’s what my podcasts are about. Interviewing change-makers about their successes and their failures. Hearing their stories. Telling some funny ones of my own.

I call it Face2Face, because it’s a conversation, not a cross-examination.

david peck live is a Toronto-based public speaker

Social enterprise is my thing. I write about it. I talk about it at various conferences around the world. I am passionate about excellence in leadership and the kind of innovation and entrepreneurship that makes this world better – the acorn and oak kind of transformations.

When you listen to Face2Face you will feel like you are in a coffee shop, participating in amazing conversations with awesome people doing wonderful things. We peel back layers. We dig deep with people of film, business, art, academia, producers, practitioners, poets and prophets. Believe me, listen to some of these interviews and you will learn something about change and wonder, and be left wanting to learn more. I know that I have.

Real Change Is Incremental, by David Peck

And that acorn? It’s featured on the rather cool cover of my book Real Change Is Incremental: Reflections on What We Know, What We Do and How Little Things Make a Big Difference.

I love to tell the stories about that kind of change, because that’s the kind of change people can get their heads around and want to get their hands into. We all want to be part of meaningful social transformation.

Thanks for dropping by my site. We’re all in this together. It’s about inclusion. This is the story of us.

Listen to one or two of the podcasts, read my book, and drop me a line.

Laugh, hope and cry. I do hope you might do all three.

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