emmanuel gras talks about Malaka

Emmanuel Gras – “Makala” – Episode 316

Emmanuel and Face2Face host David Peck talk about his new award winning film Makala, charcoal, life experience, cosmic materialism and liberalism, capitalism and the beauty of hard work.
Erika Cohn talks about "The Judge" and TIFF 2017

Erika Cohn – Episode 311

Erika and Face2Face host David Peck talk about Shari’a law, gender justice, and life for women in the Middle East, education, power, politics and storytelling.
Heather White talks about her film "Complicit", Chinese sweatshops and the complicity of brands in human rights violations

Heather White – Episode 306

Heather talks about greed, activism and sweatshops and her new film Complicit and why consumers have so much power when it comes to making a difference.
Josh Freed joins me to talking about The Taming of the Queue

Josh Freed – Episode 303

Josh Freed talks about “line regret”, “queue science”, cars as “me” vehicles, occupied time and why Brits like to talk to strangers.